Villa @ Sobha City

Villa @ Sobha City

Villa @ Sobha City

It’s where luxury meets tastefully crafted design. 4500 Sqftof an NRI’s home has been transformed into a veritable display of art, craft, designer-ware and unadulterated delight.

Carefully handpicked designer furniture from Italy, designer lighting and other designer products and accessories have gone into giving it a unique and luxurious look and feel. Just the fans in each room, which look like artefacts tell the story eloquently.

Every room is designed with a highlight that’s sure to catch your eye and bring out the connoisseur in you. Take for instance the rare stone textured wall in the living room and the matching décor around that, or the wooden wall in the family room made of walnut chips, or the hexagonal, textured and 3D surfaces in the bedrooms.

In each bedroom the carpet, duvet cover, headboard wall and painting are finely matched with detailing of textures in leather, wood fabric and wall paper.

The dining table is a majestic, contemporary classic that screams for attention. It’s a Tonin Casa designer piece from Italy which is accompanied by a striking saffron themed highlight décor. All the common rooms carry this touch of of saffron to add synergy, style and warmth to the interiors. Including the gorgeous gazebo that’s one of a kind.

The detailing is consummate and at casual glance, one can see it come alive even in the foyer, the shoe rack, mirrors, and in a host of accent pieces strewn around the house tastefully.

It’s a living space that’s luxurious and well designed, yet warm and welcoming.