Dutch Delight

Dutch Delight

Home Inspired by Dutch Design

This predominantly Dutch Inspired home interior has all the strong values of Dutch design and small echoes of a Scandinavian influence too. The variations and improvisations to this original influence have been mainly in the treatment of colours, accessories and in the materials used like the wood and tiling, etc. The overall design is in keeping with the original style and uses geometrical elements, boldly blending minimalistic with subtle colours with unobtrusive contrasting textures and accessories.

The clear lines of the architecture are reflected in the furniture which exudes a warm functionality, flawless craftsmanship and an understated elegance. The furniture embraces mid-century modern tendencies with its smooth edges and natural hues. The conical legs of the sofa, center tables and chairs send you on a nostalgic trip to Holland. Carefully selected original Dutch motifs have been used on the floor, walls and the stairway to break the monotony and add interest.

The colours show a modicum of restraint and class. The predominantly white, grey and black of Dutch design is replaced by tastefully chosen pastel tones to add a dash of calming colours to the rooms. The living elements of colours are seen in the flower vases. Colour also pops out of the art on the walls, throws or furs and pieces of smaller furniture. In keeping with the ‘less is more’ mantra, the accessories are very minimal. Even the illumination is soft and subtle to build mood, and vary from pendants to wall scones, all in synergy with the original Dutch design.

The uncluttered ambience gives you the feeling that the space is well used. The geometrical lines in the architecture and furniture give you a sense of rhythm. And the colours and motifs give you a sense of calm. On the whole it is an aesthetic experience which has functionality written all over it.