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About us

Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts offers a comprehensive range of interior design and furnishing solutions from concept to completion including order procurement and installations on a turnkey basis. Its approach simplifies the process of designing your home. That’s not all, its innovative design ideas seek to take care of short-term requirements and protect long-term investments. Add to that a firm commitment to deliver superior and classy interiors with a judicious blend of the aesthetic and the functional.



Rohith C Ramesh

Vijayalakshmi silks Bangalore

" The best decision we took during the time of making our house was to hire Savio & Rupa interior concepts to do its interiors. By offering turn key solutions to the project, they made our work easy. From each painting to an artefact, they colour co ordinated & chose as per our brief given to them. All thanks to Savio & Rupa for giving our house a cozy feel & making our house look like a dream. "

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Gautam Adlakha


" After looking out places, finalizing designer for our upcoming dream home, we were kind of convinced that we will have to compromise at some point or the other between what we want, and what the designer could deliver. After we met Savio & Rupa, at their awesome home, our search finally came to reset. It was an instant click as their taste and class resonated with ours. "

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Savio’s experience has been multidisciplinary. He has spent over a decade in activities ranging from being an Art Director in Advertising to Interior Design, Furniture designand being an Entrepreneur and a Promoter.

Over the years he has refined and fine-tuned his skills in interior design and has cultivated a keen eye for the fine art of living and lifestyle. His obsession with quality and refinement, attention to the finish, materials and final outputcomes from a passion to his commitment.The expertise also extends to lighting, painting, furniture, photography, etc. But above all, partnering with clients to get the best possible resultsis something he firmly believes in.

Rupa Savio’s passion for elegant and classy interiors makes her a much sought after designer. As a professionally trained interior designer she has a deceptively simple approach to adding life to any interior. She achieves that through her in-depth understanding and experience of colors, textures, fabrics and graphic elements.

Rupa is always exploring new possibilities and expressions. She plays multiple roles of a mother, businesswoman, art collector and interior designer. She is the perfect complement to Savio's skills.


Why choose us

Savio & Rupa is committed to creating a unique, exclusive, premium environment and ambience that reflect class, taste and a luxurious life style. In order to achieve international class and quality, only a limited number of exclusive projects are handled in a year. To achieve this level of class it works with the best German and Italian components, accessories and material. Little wonder that many of its projects have been featured in international and Indian magazines, coffee table books and won many awards. Projects are handled on a turnkey basis, and a completely hassle-free, hand-over of premises in a ready-to-occupy condition is ensured.

Interior design




Partnering with Customers

Savio & Rupa believes in listening deeply and understanding the client’s needs thoroughly before beginning to conceptualize the theme. Clients are kept involved throughout the exercise and their feedback is taken continuously at all the stages of the project. That's why at Savio & Rupa it is more like a partnership.

This trust and working relationship is maintained to ensure success and smooth functioning of the project. Timely interventions by efficient project coordinators also play a pivotal role in proficient executions of the design.

How do we work

Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts offers a range of solutions for space planning, designing, technical services, project management and project execution up to the last detail. The client’s lifestyle needs and preferences are thoroughly evaluated before arriving at a concept. In all layouts importance is given to natural lighting, air flow, cross ventilation and overall well-being of the people going to be residing there.

A core team of driven professionals strives to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functionality at all times. It constantly seeks to explore new vistas, look beyond the conventional and pioneer a look and feel not seen before.

Quality Commitment

Savio & Rupa is truly committed to delivering the highest quality. Only superior quality branded materials is used for all its interiors. Qualified and experienced professionals ensure hassle-free, ready-to-use residential spaces created according to the concept. As a matter of policy only the most competent vendors are chosen and educated on its quality philosophy and requirement, continuous improvement and delivery of excellence. There is also a continuous quality evaluation process to ensure the effectiveness of its procedures. Finally what you get is a guarantee and commitment to go the extra mile necessary to achieve extraordinary results within the predetermined schedule and budget.

Interior styling

Styling requires you to think more like an artist than any other function. Curating objects of art, sculpture, paintings, installations and props are all carefully hand selected or commissioned specially. Savio & Rupa also bring their experience and deep understanding not only to colour, but texture, material, quality and longevity. This applies to furnishings, wallpaper, floors, special rooms and ceilings.

While care is taken to treat each room and space as unique an overall synergy with the design theme is maintained throughout.


After studying the client’s requirements closely it arrives at an idea-based concept. Be it French, Scandinavian, modern classic, contemporary or anything in between. Savio & Rupa has the knowledge and expertise to develop functioning units that match your taste and desire. Consultancy for centralized air conditioning and building automation is also provided. Needless to say, it works closely with its clients and suppliers to guide them in making the right choices.

Design Studio

It has a full-fledged design studio in Koramangala, Bangalore and is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the latest software and professional designers, visual artists and computer professionals. It also works closely with digital artists and galleries to source artworks that provide that much needed panache and finishing touch to the interiors.

Partner Clients in Procurement

From pre-purchase to purchase it works along with its clients and helps them understand the limitations and opportunities of a property. All of which leads to saving money, time and future disappointments.

Depending on the concept it will procure the elements of interiors like furniture, kitchen hardware, accessories lighting or any other specialized items, whether it is from the local market or even if it has to be imported. It can also custom design furniture, kitchenware, lighting, etc. and execute it to the finish.

The precise scope determination and cost estimation further helps customers to be fully aware in advance, of the cost and features of their purchase.

Site Management

Its experienced site managers take charge of the entire coordination of the various trades involved in the execution process including scheduling, costs and quality. They are in charge of planning, designing and execution of technical services including electrical and communication networking, split or centralized air conditioning, and building automation.

Vendor Network

A strategic partnership has been developed with the most competent vendors in the industry, both national and international, to ensure uninterrupted supply of quality infrastructure and services.

Realizing Dreams

Once all procedures are complete in most cases the design concept when viewed by clients elicits an expression of awe and spontaneous compliments. Savio & Rupa has always aspired to transform an ordinary functional area into a piece of living art.