French Connection

French Connection

The French Connection

One of Savio& Rupa’s latest projects makes an eloquent statement about their skills in recreating period style interiors. This renovation project is inspired largely by the early French period and echoes the aesthetics and design of our very own French colonies of Mahai and Pondicherry in India.

Even though the design reflects the period, it is a stylized expression of the original. The improvisations add to the period with modern moorings. Modern material and craft are used liberally to create subtle variations to recreate a glorious, stylish and yet understated past.

The whole environs unfold a la ‘Symphony in White’, punctuated by minimalist modernism, much like a Saxophone weaving in and out as a lead instrument in an old famous and familiar concerto for the violin.

The dinner table and chairs are handcrafted in teakwood and inspired by the 18 th century French Ball & Claw design.

The headboards on the bed are embellished by curves inspired by Antique French beds, albeit with a contemporary twist.

The French Wingback headboards is finished with full upholstery to give it an authentic look. Another headboard is inspired by the ‘Louis French Ratten style’. Yet another variation is the French Rococo styled headboard, printed with vintage floral patterns to evoke a sense of the period and trigger nostalgia.

To sum up, right from the wall paper, fishbone pattern on the floors, period style mirrors, wingback headboards to the walls, it is an exquisitely crafted and styled ‘Romance’. It’s a veritable tribute to the early French period, by a modernist with consummate taste, restraint and a passion for luxurious, comfortable and classy interior spaces.