Minimalistic Maneuvers

Minimalistic Maneuvers

Minimalistic Maneuvers

Brigade Calladium, Hebbal, Bangalore – 4 BHK
Classy, contemporary and minimalist in approach, this project had to please a variety of stakeholders, including children, who were going to be living in this space.

Formal Living Room
The minimalist theme dominates with clean lines and well concealed spaces. The hardware-free cabinets are a case in point, and as a counter balance, this is juxtaposed with open shelves to provide place to display curios, books and other decorative items.

Family Living Space & Dining Rooms
A wood accented ceiling creates a subtle and aesthetically appealing separation of the guest living from the family living and dining spaces.

The dining room opens out to an elegant outdoor patio or deck, complete with a Buddha statue surrounded by white pebbles positioned appropriately for meditation. This space continues the minimalist theme by exuding a Zen-like ambience with only wood and stone pebbles punctuating the space.

Facing the main door is the ‘L’ shaped stone veneer highlight-wall, which acts as a backdrop for the family room TV and console table.

Master Bedroom
White and wood-finished cabinets cover the entire wall and double as headboards for the master bed. It has been thoughtfully designed, to utilize space for storage to the maximum, without it looking like there is any storage space at all. The rest of the bedroom too is tastefully designed to lend the space a touch of modernity without being too overt.

Pooja Room
The Pooja is the jewel in the crown. A dramatic synchro doorfrom the dining room, opens to the vision of the idol bathed predominantly in white all over. The decorative golden motif that radiates behind the idol finds an echo on the door to synergise with the overall arrangement. Once again, the minimalist’s restraint without sacrificing the drama is very evident.

Children’s Bedroom
This room which is designed for a young boy and girl, brings the outdoors indoors and reflects the children’s love for travel and adventure. A huge cloud design dominates the background and smaller clouds pop out with a light glow around it. The wardrobe shutters have various country’s names printed on them accompanied by simple graphic representations.

The Study-nook at one side of this room is separated by a wooden platform and low ceiling. The original odd shaped corner has been straightened by fillings and converted into a neat little Window Alcove which is very inviting and draws you to spend time there.